Family Sponsorship Services

Family Sponsorship

Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents (PR) may sponsor and unite with certain close family members who are citizens of other countries.  Helping you bring your family to Canada.

  • Spousal and partner sponsorship
  • Child sponsorship
  • Parents and Grandparents sponsorship (PGP)

PR Card renewal

Permanent Residence Cards

To renew your PR card, you must meet the minimum residency obligations. To maintain your permanent residence, you must reside in Canada for at least 2 years (730 days) in a five-year period.

  • PR Card renewal
  • PR Card renewal on Humanitarian grounds

You might be eligible to count days spent outside of Canada as part of the 730 days required to meet the residency obligation.

Canadian Business Immigration

Business Immigration

Canada offers several business immigration pathways for international entrepreneurs and investors like Federal start-up visa program, Provincial business program (PNP), Owner operator LMIA, Federal self-employed program.